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Brightwell Razor Marine Coral Safe Systemic Cleaner 500mL

Brightwell Aquatics

Brand: Brightwell Aquatics


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Brightwell Razor Marine Coral Safe Systemic Cleaner 500mL

Razor Marine Coral Safe Systemic Cleaner - 500mL from Brightwell Aquatics is a unique marine systemic system cleanser intended to target and clean surfaces of live rock, coral decorations, and tank walls. Razor cleanser is comprised of a polymer product, and its slow-acting results may require multiple applications before final results are achieved.


  • Gentle loosening of debris and substance accumulations
  • Clotting of particulate matter


  • Aquarium cleaning is easier with less labor
  • Glass stays cleaner, longer
  • Prevents particles from adhering to surfaces
  • Safe for marine fish, hard and soft corals, and other inverts, and most macro-algae


  • Size: 500 ml / 17 fl. oz.
  • Supplement Form: liquid
  • Water Type: Marine

Instructions & Guidelines:

Before Beginning:

  • Shake product well before using
  • For every 50 gallons ( 190 L ) of aquarium volume: Introduce the following dosages of this product into a high flow area of the main aquarium.
  • 125 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml bottle caps are 5 ml.
  • 2 Liter and 4 Liter caps are 10 ml.
  • Brightwell recommends that all makeup water in the aquarium be filtered by reverse osmosis or deionization to prevent adding phosphates and silicates.
  • Brightwell also recommends that you regularly test phosphates and keep them at a level of .02 ppm or less.
  • You can lower phosphates by the use of Extrax Phos, FerroxiPhos-G or Phosphat-E.
  • The use of grazing snails such as turbo snails and nerites can be very helpful in cleaning the rocks and other surfaces.
  • Use with MicroBacter7 or MicroBacterCLEAN will be very beneficial. The use of RedoxIclean prior to use of this product, to clean up high organic levels or tea colored water will also be beneficial.

Dosing Schedule:

  • Day 1: add 2.5 ml (.5 capful)
  • Day 2: add 5ml (1 capful)
  • Day 3: add 7.5 ml (1.5 capfuls)
  • Day 4: add 10 ml (2 capfuls)
  • Day 5: add 12.5 ml (2.5 capfuls)
  • Day 6: add 15 ml (3 capfuls)


  • Add 7.5 ml (1.5 capfuls) every other day or as needed.
  • Activated carbon may be re-installed in the filters once treatment with this product has been concluded.

What's In The Box:

  • 1 - Brightwell Razor Marine Coral Safe Systemic Cleaner - 500mL

Spare Parts:

  • Brightwell RedoxIclean Water Quality Control - 250mL - BRI-RDX250
  • Brightwell FerroxiPhos-G Uniform-Graded Granular Ferric Oxide - 300g - BRI-FOXG300
  • Brightwell Phosphat-E Liquid Phosphate Remover - 125mL - BRI-POE125
  • Brightwell MicroBacterCLEAN Microbial Culture Cleaner - 250mL - BRI-BACCL250
  • Brightwell ExtraxPhos Spherical Phosphate-Adsorption Media - 300g - BRI-EXPO300

Additional Info

Additional Info
Manufacturer Brightwell Aquatics
Health Care - Type Mineral Supplement
Health Care - Treatment For Well-Being
Water Type Marine

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