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Fritz Aquatics Reef Pro Complete Sea Salt Mix 55 lb

Fritz Aquatics

Brand: Fritz Aquatics

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Fritz Aquatics Reef Pro Complete Sea Salt Mix 55 lb

Reef Pro Complete Sea Salt Mix 55 lb from Fritz Aquatics is designed and manufactured with the highest quality raw materials with all the necessary major and minor elements found in natural seawater and required by captive marine and reef animals. RPM helps to correctly buffer pH and is blended to bolster the health and longevity of your entire reef system. This salt mix is produced using Fritz's own, dedicated salt blending equipment and each batch undergoes in-house testing for quality and purity.


  • Complete professional marine salt mix for reef or fish only aquariums
  • Contains all essential major, minor, and trace elements
  • Enhanced buffer levels
  • Reaches a stable pH shortly after mixing
  • Enhanced calcium, magnesium, and potassium levels
  • Nitrate-, phosphate-, and ammonia-free
  • Used in public aquariums, zoos, research institutions, destination retail locations, adventure parks, and hobbyists worldwide


  • For best results, it is important to follow proper mixing instructions when using salt with elevated parameters
  • Mix with RO/DI water and quality check with a TDS meter (TDS should be less than 10 ppm, 0 is preferred)
  • Fill a clean mixing container, dedicated to saltwater mixing ONLY, with desired amount of water to be prepared
  • For best results, use water between 70-75°F (21-24°C)
  • Slowly add desired amount of RPM to the water to avoid an increase in temperature and precipitation
  • This helps to prevent precipitation of calcium, alkalinity, and other elements
  • Using a properly calibrated refractometer, bring the water to the desired salinity
  • Once mixed to a clear solution, add a heater to the water to bring to the current temperature of your aquarium
  • It is recommended to allow 2 hours before preforming a water change
  • If water does not mix clear, please contact for further mixing tips before performing a water change


Salinity35 ppt (1.0264 sg)
Calcium400-450 ppm
Magnesium1300-1400 ppm
Alkalinity8.0-9.0 dKH
Strontium9 ppm
Potassium400 ppm

*Parameters reflect Fritz Aquatics' QC pass ranges, the median is targeted. Be aware source of water can greatly affect parameters especially alkalinity. QC is conducted using RO/DI at a neutral pH and a TDS of 0.

Important Note:

  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Not for human consumption
  • Generates slight heat when added to water, avoid handling with wet hands
  • Contact with dry powder may cause skin and/or eye irritation
  • In case of contact, flush eyes with cool water and seek immediate medical attention

Fritz RPM - Reef Pro Mix Sizes:

14 lbBag53 Gallons
48 lbBucket180 Gallons
55 lbBox205 Gallons

*Treatments result in a 30ppt solution

Additional Info

Additional Info
SKU FTZ-80243
Manufacturer Fritz Aquatics
MPN 80243
Cleaning & Maintenance - Type Salt Crystals
Tank Capacity 200 gal.
Water Type Marine

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Hands down one of the best salts I have used. I love how easy it mixes and the big three are always consistent. Great product!
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