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WaterBox Aquariums Platinum Pro 170.4/5 Professional Reef System w/Black Cabinet

WaterBox Aquariums

Brand: WaterBox Aquariums

MPN: 180335

Price: $2,799.99

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Available - Ships within 2 Weeks



Waterbox Platinum Pro 170.4/5 Cabinet Assembly Video by Triquatics

WaterBox Aquariums Platinum Pro 170.4/5 Professional Reef System w/Black Cabinet

The WaterBox Aquariums Platinum Pro 170.4/5 Professional Reef System w/White Cabinet is a beautiful, professional quality large aquarium system featuring a customizable foundation that allows you to quickly and easily get set up with the specifications you need for your unique marine aquarium vision. Designed for the advanced hobbyist, this series utilizes the addition of manifold systems for reactors and refugium options to expand upon the integrated glass overflow system and complete plumbing kit.


  • Rimless 15-19mm Starphire Ultra-Clear Beveled Glass
  • The water etched glass overflow box
  • Rubber Mat Under Tank
  • Micron Socks
  • Prefabricated Proprietary Plumbing System
  • Dual Manifold
  • Refugium ready
  • Integrated Reservoir for Auto Top off Water
  • Dual micron socks
  • Marine Spec Cabinet in Black or white
  • Heavy duty UV coated plywood


  • See your corals and fish in their true color. Each Waterbox Platinum Pro aquarium comes with Starphire glass that doesn't add any yellow tint like traditional glass.
  • See your fish and corals more clearly! Typical glass can block up to 20% of light passing through and can cause a yellowing effect, where Waterbox aquarium glass will allow more than 91% of light through. The increased light transfusion leads to more brilliant colors and an overall better-looking tank!
  • Each pane of glass is professionally polished, beveled and then silicone together to create a leak-free aquarium. After assembly, every tank is water tested and inspected ensuring years of worry-free reefing.
  • The Professional Series Platinum Reef Tanks expand on the Platinum line with much larger full sized systems to give professional reef keepers more options.


  • Glass Thickness: 15mm
  • Tank Length: 55"
  • Tank Width: 26"
  • Tank Height: 24"
  • Total Height with Cabinet: 60"
  • Display Water Volume: 130 Gallons
  • Sump Water Volume: 40.3 Gallons
  • Total System Volume: 170 Gallons
  • ATO Reservior: 5.8 Gallons
  • Sump Dimensions: 32"L x 20"W x 16"H
  • Water Height in Sump: 9"
  • Skimmer Chamber: 15.4" x 19"
  • Pump Chamber: 7.4" x 10.3"
  • Recommended Flow Rate: 1700 GPH (Pump sold separately)
  • Filter Sock Chamber: 7"
  • Cabinet Included: Yes

What's in the Box:

  • 1 - Glass Tank
  • 1 - Built-in Filtration System
  • 1 - Plumbing System
  • 1 - Filtration Media
  • 1 - Sump System
  • 1 - Laminated Cabinet
  • 1 - Filter Sock
  • 1 - Instruction Manual

Important Notes:

  • Free freight shipping included.
  • Filter pump not included
Platinum PRO 170.4/5Platinum PRO 190.5Platinum PRO 230.6
Main Features
Starphire?Ultra-Clear GlassYesYesYes
Glass Thickness(mm)3/5" (15mm)3/4" (19mm)3/4" (19mm)
Glass Overflow SystemYesYesYes
Built in surface skimmerYesYesYes
Heavy Duty UV Coated CabinetryYesYesYes
Integrated Evaporation (ATO) ReserviorIntegratedIntegratedIntegrated
System Volumes
Display Water Volume (Gal)130 Gal (492L)141 Gal (533L)169 Gal (639L)
Sump Water Volume (Gal)40.3 Gal (153L)45.3 Gal (172L)40.3 Gal (153L)
Total System Volume (Gal)170 Gal (644L)186 Gal (704L)228 Gal (863L)
Evaporation (ATO) Reservior Volume (Gal)5.8 Gal (22L)5.8 Gal (22L)External Chamber 18.7 Gal (71L)
Display Dimensions
Tank Length (IN)55" (1386mm)60" (1536mm)72" (1836mm)
Tank Width (IN)26" (650mm)26" (650mm)26" (650mm)
Tank Height (IN)24" (600mm)24" (600mm)24" (600mm)
Total Height with Cabinet60" (1500mm)60" (1500mm)60" (1500mm)
Sump Dimensions
Sump Length (IN)32" (820mm)36" (850mm)32" (820mm)
Sump Width (IN)20" (500mm)20" (500mm)20" (500mm)
Sump Height (IN)16" (400mm)16" (400mm)16" (400mm)
Sump Glass Thickness1/3" (8mm)1/3" (8mm)1/3" (8mm)
Evaporation (ATO) Reservior (IN)9.2" x 8.5" x 15" (233 x 215 x 381mm)9.2" x 8.5" x 15" (233 x 215 x 381mm)15" x 20" x 16" (38 x 50 x 40cm)
Technical Details
Water Height in Sump9" (23cm)9" (23cm)9" (23cm)
Skimmer Chamber15.4"(39.11cm) x 19"(48.26cm)15.4"(39.11cm) x 19"(48.26cm)15.4"(39.11cm) x 19"(48.26cm)
Pump Chamber7.4"(18.7cm) x 10.3"(26.1cm)10.2"(25.9cm) x 10.3"(26.1cm)6.2"(15.7cm) x 19.1"(48.5cm)
Recommended Flow Rate(GPH) Pump not included1700GPH(6500L) (Increase flow rates by 200-500 gph when using manifolds for reactors)1800GPH(6800L) (Increase flow rates by 200-500 gph when using manifolds for reactors)2100GPH(8000L) (Increase flow rates by 200-500 gph when using manifolds for reactors)

Additional Info

Additional Info
Manufacturer WaterBox Aquariums
MPN 180335
Aquariums & Tanks - Stand Material Plywood/Particle Board
Aquariums & Tanks - Tank Material Glass
Aquariums & Tanks - Tank Width 4 ft
Aquariums & Tanks - Type Starter Kit
Tank Capacity 180 gal.
Water Type Marine
Display Tank Size (gal) 130 gal.
Total System Size (gal) 170 gal.
Tank Length (inches) 55"
Tank Width (inches) 26"
Tank Height (inches) 24"
Tank Style Traditional Tank
Rimless Tank Yes
Tank Material Glass
Stand Included Yes
Sump Included Yes
Lights Included No

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